Electronics: Simple Repair and Troubleshooting Facts and TipsElectronics: Simple Repair and Troubleshooting Facts and Tips

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Electronics: Simple Repair and Troubleshooting Facts and Tips

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Tips to Making the Most of Your Golf Cart Batteries

Although the batteries that golf carts run on may look similar to regular car batteries, they actually function quite differently. Golf cart batteries are known as deep cycle batteries. This means they function to provide the cart with a steady flow of current for an extended period. Car batteries, on the other hand, will provide a vehicle with a large amount of current for a short amount of time. The reason for this is electric golf carts will derive all the power they require exclusively from their batteries. One battery would not be sufficient to keep a golf cart running. As such, they use packs comprising of multiple batteries. Here are some tips to making the most of these batteries.

Charge the batteries often

It is recommended to charge your golf cart batteries once you are done using the vehicle. Some people may be wary of overcharging their batteries. However, this is not a primary concern, as modern chargers come fully automated. This means that the current they supply is regulated, thus ensuring that you are not at risk of overcharging them. In the event that your golf cart is an older model, you could opt to have a timer that will alert you when to stop charging the batteries. These batteries may take 2 – 8 hours of charging, depending on the age of the batteries and the amount of time the cart was in use.

Keep the batteries charged when the cart is idle

A common mistake when it comes to maintenance of these batteries is forgetting about them during the off-season. If you will not need your golf cart for an extended period of time, ensure that the batteries are fully charged before putting it into storage. Additionally, you should make a point of checking the batteries at least once a month if the cart will not be in use. Once you are finished charging the batteries, ensure that you disconnect them from the charger. It is not recommended to have them remain on the charger while they are not in use. Lastly, take measures to keep your batteries clean during the off-season. This can be done by washing them with a solution of baking soda and water.

Clean the battery terminals

When maintaining your golf cart batteries, it is also important to pay attention to the terminals on the cart. Dirty terminals will interrupt the current flowing from the batteries to the cart. Not only will this affect the running of your golf cart, but it also has an impact on how the battery discharges. 

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